We’ll work with your business affairs and legal teams to oversee and manage all contracting parties every step of the way.

  • Research and negotiations of master and publishing rights
  • Formal quotes
  • Contract/license management

Music Supervision:
Instead of using the same music you usually use or falling in love with a track that can’t be licensed, let’s identify the right music for your project and/or find alternative tracks that creatively fit the bill.  Most importantly, let’s make sure those tracks are all licensable for your project. 

  • Creative brainstorming
  • Track replacement
  • Access and exposure to “unexpected” and world music​

UseMusicBetter is your go-to 3rd party music department.  While music is often a smaller piece of a much larger production, it still has a lot of moving parts and can quickly become a labor intensive timesuck.  UseMusicBetter steps in as creative and licensing experts to help eliminate that potential timesuck, all while making sure the music is given the time and attention it demands to yield the best results for you.  From creative brainstorming to rights research and management, we’ll help implement the right music solution for you to allow you to UseMusicBetter. 

Original Composition:
Working with any size budget, we’ll make sure your creative vision is accurately conveyed and transformed into a custom piece of music that is a perfect fit for your project. 

  • In-house production to cut costs and handle any sized budget
  • Access to a wide range of music houses and composers, in addition to producers and artists (major and indie) looking to create original music
  • Re-records, covers and interpolations

Music Searches:
Sometimes something gets lost in translation and companies/musicians may not completely understand what you are looking for.  Expertly crafted music searches/briefs take all parties into consideration and help eliminate that potential confusion, resulting in better music submissions for you to choose from.

  • Custom written creative music briefs
  • Distribution of briefs to wide network of major and indie labels, publishers, distributors, artists and managers
  • Review and organization of all submissions
  • Revisions and additional rounds of searching based on project changes/needs​

The mix plays an integral role in making sure the music used in your project creates the impact and emotion that you want it to.  From the music to the VO and sound design, we’ll make sure your sound is pristine.

  • Access to music industry mixing and mastering engineers with major label credits
  • V.O.
  • Sound design

Seeing is believing.  We’ll slice and dice your audio a number of different ways to better fit the picture and give you and your client the best possible creative music options.  Want us to edit music you already own or have licensed for you project?  No problem.

  • Multiple cuts to picture at any stage of the production process
  • Clean edits of explicit tracks
  • Vocalese, TV (hook only), special edits

Its not just about standing in the back of the club with your arms crossed anymore…

  • Access to up and coming artist managers and producers
  • Remixes and mash-up's
  • Set-up and manage in-agency event performances
  • Agency meet and greets/events (best for more well-known artists)

Have some other music needs that you don't see listed above or want additional info?  Just ask! 

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